Two Big Bites

“Eat all of your vegetables or no dessert for you,” called Momster. “Tonight we have Spooky Shadow Eye Scream with Whipped Cream!”

Molly pushed her candy corn and snapped peas around her plate.

“Two more big bites! Monsters need their vegetables to grow up big and scary!”

Ugh! Why did vegetables have to be so sweet? Molly sloshed them around in her mouth. She would prefer crispy crickets or fried bat wings.

“Take one more big bite and I will let you whip the cream!” Momster coaxed.

One more bite. Who knew being a little monster would be so hard.

Author: matthewlasley

I am a school teacher and an author. I like to write picture books, middle grade, science fiction and short stories. I live in Alaska and I love history, so those two things often influence my creative writing.

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